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Mario Monforte, Cáceres, Spain, 1980. Lives and works in Madrid. He studied Ancient Art and Archaeology and later completed a Master's Degree specialising in photography. Despite training in visual language and other artistic areas, he is passionate about experimentation.

He began his integration into the world of art during the 90´s and was influenced by net-art, robotics and digital art. The influence of this impregnation results in a direct reflection on the tradition of modernism. Other influences on his work are Kazimir Malévich , George Maciunas and Gerhard Richter.

Scenic anthropization is reflected in his work, albeit recently, he is working on a portrait of contemporary society using current digital techniques.

In his photographs, the daily life is abruptly represented in visual abstraction. The elements of his work take shape through our eyes. Work and viewer come together in a technobiological synesthesia. Monforte endows his work with own and distinctive style.

Works & Projects

Here you can find some of my works over these years:

Art is in continuous movement...

Mario Monforte


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ABC Cultural

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Todo Arte

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Arte Actual Extremadura

Arte Actual Extremadura

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