The Code Circle is composed of 4 masters from different fields. I am one of them.

I will guide you through a series of advices to be a master of seduction thanks to Armani Code.

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First advice:

Wear seductive looks. If the day is not like the night, your looks willn’t be either.

You need always to have two basic suits, one classic suit for day, like pinstripe suit, with double breasted jacket for day. And a black tuxedo for night, perfect for dates and seduction.

Second advice:

The informal tie. The great classic has evolved to adapt to this times.

No doubt we can wear the tie with all kinds of looks, not just suits.

Third advice:

The science of elegance. Behind a great suit, there is a great secret. Find out!

I want to teach you three essential tips, such as adding a stole or handkerchief to our look, always carry the cuffs 3 centimeters below the sleeve of the jacket and the last advice, shorten or lengthen pants, neither too long nor too short.

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